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Short-term showroom spots

If we share space better, everyone gets more stories to tell.
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Even the tiniest space matters

Connecting spots with people

Spotly is a new proptech platform for short-term showroom spaces launching in August 2019.

We connect showroom spots down to 1m2 with people who will love them.

Share your spot or rent one. We believe even the tiniest space can be of value to others.

Create your own pop-up

Everyone should benefit from having great locations at lower costs!

Popping up for a limited time in a vacant or an established space is an alternative to having your own at higher flexibility, lower cost and commitment.

Maybe a shelf once in a while in a trending concept store is what you need to get spotted and tell your story?

We advise on ideas for co-creation and handle the renting process enabling everyone to focus on creating fun, meaningful and valuable pop-ups.

Get stories and a wider audience

List your spot and get more content and stories to tell - when you want to. Hosting is a great co-branding opportunity generating novelty while bringing down costs.

You are the curator of the content in your space and you decide which pop-ups you would like to host.

If we use excess capacity in space, we help connect more products and experiences with people using the same square meters.

We’re on a mission to use and share space better. Share or book a spot and help us make the real estate business more sustainable and inclusive!

By activating excess space, even the smallest spots, or the spots we take for granted, we help connect more people, products and services using the same square meters. By unlocking showroom spots to a wider use and audience we create a real alternative to having your own space.

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Open your spot to new ideas

Connect with the best brands and tell new meaningful stories.
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Our story

Why we are here

Physical square meters are in demand, but not the way they used to be. We know space owners have difficulty utilizing their entire space on their own. At the same time, brands and creatives crave more flexible square meters and want to be spotted in changing surroundings. Why not make your shop’s wall a gallery? Or your restaurant a fashion runway for the day? We are here to make that happen.

How we got here

Spotly was founded in 2017 by a small team in Copenhagen. Our dream is that Spotly will empower and inspire communities economically as well as creatively by allowing brands, creatives, as well as space owners the opportunity to explore the showroom of tomorrow. The world needs more sustainable, inclusive and flexible solutions. Even the tiniest space matters!

Looking for a showroom spot?
Are you looking for a shelf in a retail store? Or a showroom for your pop-up? Find the perfect spot for your needs.
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Team Spotly

Martine Moflag

Background in real estate and corporate. I’m fascinated by buildings and intrigued by the temporary. In real life still beats online. Get in touch if you have an interesting space to share.
+45 31705033 /

Aya Fabricius

Head of Creative Partnerships
Ma. Visual Culture. Experienced in the art and commercial creative industry from Copenhagen to NY. Working with creatives on all levels to elevate ideas and partnerships across fields.

Jesper Jul Dreisig

Design Lead
Spreading the Spotly story through design, frontend development and UX. Digital designer with a track-record in the creative industry.

Jens Ahlsten Herlevsen

Tech Lead
Autodidact software engineer with a computer science degree. My interests within the digital world are mostly centred around web development, both frontend and backend.

Wanna join the journey?

We're always on the lookout for talent! Reach out if you're interested.
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