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Discover and share short-term showroom spots

Discover a spot for your next pop-up or share your space to tell new stories.
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Help brands and creatives, get an extra hand with the rent and new stories to tell.
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What's a spot?

Spots live in spaces. A spot is the particular area of your physical space you would like to rent out for a pop-up activity, with the services you would like to include in it, and the terms you set for it. It can be anything really; a shelf, window or a rack on a monthly basis where you assist on sales? Half of your space for pop-ups on the weekends? An entire space or part of one. We work with spots down to 1m2 and a max rental period of 3 months.

Share a spot.

Be your own curator for new content in your space! Share your street window or your entire space. You decide what, who, when, how much and what services plus facilities to offer. Products, events or people? Opening up is a great co-branding opportunity bringing down costs whilst ensuring a greater audience.

Rent a spot.

Where do you want to be spotted? Pop-up when and where you need it. In an established space, alone or together with others. Maybe you only need a table spot for a month to tell your story, get spotted or test your idea? Look at it as your own sales channel or expansion.

It’s sustainable.

By activating excess space, even the smallest spots, or the spots we take for granted, we help connect more people, products and services. This makes the commercial real estate and retail industry more inclusive and sustainable.


HUSLY_ er kunst og design i nye rammer – i en ny virkelighed.
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Foto: Pia Vestergård Simms

Showroom spots for different types of needs

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Smaller spots

Smaller spots in established spaces with traffic and audience ready for your presence and stories. We work with spots all the way down to 1m2. Rent or share anything from a window to a shelf or even half a store. As a host, get new content on display.

Hybrid spaces

Why not make your restaurant a gallery for a day or two? Hosting an exhibition or launching a product? We've got you covered with exciting spaces that can be used as a backdrop for your branding and expression.

Empty spaces

Let your imagination run wild with a completely empty space for all your ideas to unfold. If you have an empty space, use a pop-up as a way to attract a long-term tenant, add to your branding and make your space look and feel alive.

Pop-up when and where you need it

  • Discover spots

    Looking for a shelf in a retail store? Maybe you want to share a showroom with another brand or get spotted for a few days? Find the perfect spot for your needs.
  • Book and pay with ease

    We’ll handle the paperwork and technical stuff so you can focus on creating a meaningful pop-up.
  • Pop-up and meet your audience

    Get out there and tell your stories with your new physical presence.
  • Find your spot

You're in great company

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Even the tiniest space matter
By activating even the smallest spots we help connect more people, products and services in the same square meters.
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